History is the study of past events. It’s a list of times and dates that examine what happened and why. In this podcast we seek to go beyond the events as they happened and instead dig into the events that could have been had things gone a little differently.

Why Alternate History?

Alternate History is valuable because it allows us to stay connected to the past. Every option is still viable. It’s as if we’ve been catapulted into the past and our decisions can still influence the world around us. It allows us to really explore the “what ifs” in an environment that carries with it the consequences of a wrong turn. We try, where possible, to pivot around real decision points in history, moments where it all came down to a yes or no, go or not go and use those moments as a fulcrum around which our histories unfold in a number of potential outcomes.

If history has taught us one thing it’s that nothing is a foregone conclusion. Just ask Napoleon.